Trans Mountain Pipeline ULC
Part 1 - Consultation Update No. 3
Trans Mountain Expansion Project
February 2015
Page 128
TABLE 1.12-3
Summary of Concern Raised
Forest Health/Timber
Loss of trees at Ledgeview Golf Course (Concern that no soil is put near large
maple or cottonwood. We don’t want to limit the roots, very significant).
Loss of trees at Douglas Taylor Park
Water bodies
Fisheries value at creek through Straiton Park and in Douglas Taylor Park
Current Land Use
Parking lot is used 10 months of year (Sumas River)
Operations and
Maintenance - Construction
Duration of construction - Nesting season: Black Shir Glass nesting season and
known blue heron nests in area (Sumas River)
Human Health
Dredging may disturb naturally occurring asbestos (Sumas River)
Social and Cultural Well-
Impact to trail users, especially during construction (Straiton Park)
Historical value of Douglas Taylor Park and trail systems
Noise from construction (bore machine) in residential areas and recreation
TABLE 1.12-4
Summary of Concern Raised
Environmental – Terrestrial
Environmental - Terrestrial
Future development of Balmoral Park
Technical Working Groups
New this reporting period, Trans Mountain initiated Technical Team Working Groups with local
governments along the pipeline corridor. The purpose of these Working Groups is to provide an
ongoing opportunity for Trans Mountain’s engineering, routing and construction planning teams
to work directly with the relevant local government staff to refine engineering, routing and
construction plans and to address issues as they arise.
These Working Groups were initiated in communities throughout the Lower Mainland Fraser
Valley region in late 2014 and will roll-out in the Interior BC and Alberta Regions in Q2/Q3 2015.
The Technical Working Groups will meet on an as-needed basis throughout the construction
planning phase with an option to be continued through construction if needed.
City of Coquitlam, August 11, 2014
On August 11, 2014 Trans Mountain met with the City of Coquitlam who identified the following:
Positive response to potential re-alignment further west along Hartley Avenue to
avoid Schooner Street.
Interest in construction details such as plating at end of day and speed of
construction progress.
Concern about depth of pipe as it relates to future City works on Coquitlam
infrastructure (i.e., storm sewer). United Boulevard is deteriorating. At some
point the City will need to reconstruct the street and some of the side streets