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Trans Mountain Pipeline ULC
Consultation Update No. 2
Trans Mountain Expansion Project
July 2014
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Proposed Pipeline Corridor Optimization
As described in NEB_IR_No._1.12a, this section provides additional details related to engagement for
ongoing route optimization undertaken during the reporting period. In addition, engagement related to
ongoing route optimization is reported in Technical Update No. 1, Part 1 – Routing.
Trans Mountain’s Application, filed on December 16, 2013, identified a proposed pipeline corridor and in
some cases proposed alternative pipeline corridors. Following the December 2013 filing, Trans Mountain
continued its work to optimize the route and reduce impacts to people and the environment through a
combination of technical and environmental studies, engagement activities and on-the-ground field work.
Trans Mountain held a series of Public Open Houses and Proposed Pipeline Corridor Optimization
Workshops, which have also been referred to as Route Refinement Workshops and Study Corridor
Optimization Workshops. Workshops and Open Houses were held to review area-specific routing changes,
gather feedback and to share updated Project information with members of the local communities. These
routing changes were in areas where the proposed pipeline corridor included proposed or alternate route
options, or where modified route alternatives were presented.
At these events affected communities and stakeholders provided feedback on corridor deviations currently
being examined by Trans Mountain. Feedback collected has been relayed to the appropriate Project team
to be considered and incorporated in to Project planning as appropriate.
On February 18, 2014 prior to the Workshops and Open House, Trans Mountain distributed approximately
200 letters in Surrey, BC and provided 70 copies to an area resident, at their request, who then hand
delivered the letter to his neighbours along 217
Street. The letter assured stakeholders that Trans
Mountain would make no decisions about proposed routing without first consulting with those who may be
impacted. Also included was a link to the Claims-Reality Campaign described in Section 1.4.10. A copy of
the Langley and Surrey letters and the Claims Reality Fact sheet are included in Appendix C.
Trans Mountain conducted a series of workshops in communities where Trans Mountain continued its work
to optimize the route and reduce impacts to people and the environment. Proposed Pipeline Corridor
Optimization Workshops held in west Edmonton, Wabamun, Fraser Valley/Chilliwack, Coquitlam, Surrey,
Langley and Burnaby are described below.
The workshops provided stakeholders with an opportunity to receive updated Project information, to review
area-specific revisions to the proposed pipeline corridor, since filing the NEB Application in December 2013,
and to provide feedback to Trans Mountain.
Copies of the materials available at the Workshops identified below, are included in Appendix G:
Workshop Etiquette;
ESA Module Posters;
Feedback Form – We Want To Hear From You;
Getting to the Route
video; and
Project Description
West Edmonton, AB
The results of the West Edmonton Workshop are summarized in Table 1.5.5-1 through Table 1.5.5-3.