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Trans Mountain Pipeline ULC
Consultation Update No. 2
Trans Mountain Expansion Project
July 2014
Page 73
including lighting, acoustic environment, and odours. Follow-up meetings were held with the Northcliffe
neighbours on May 2 and May 9. On May 9, Trans Mountain provided information about the preliminary
dock layout and location.
Despite several requests to meet to discuss community legacy benefits, the City of Burnaby confirmed on
June 10, 2014 that it will not discuss community benefits until Trans Mountain receives Project approval.
Metro Vancouver, BC
On March 12, 2014, Trans Mountain met with Metro Vancouver to have the first multi-discipline Project
meeting. Metro Vancouver is interested in the proposed corridor, interaction with existing and proposed
infrastructure, air quality assessment methodology and impacts, and impact of pipeline corridors to
Regional Parks.
Government Relations
In addition to the Proposed Pipeline Corridor Optimization Workshops and Routing Update Open Houses,
meetings were held with the respective MLAs and MPs of constituencies where the workshops and open
houses were held. Elected officials were provided information describing the Project, with a particular
emphasis on routing deviations as described in NEB_IR_No._1.12a. Additionally, meetings were held with
BC government representatives to provide information on the Application, to specifically discuss matters of
interest to the Province and or items that involve a discussion on provincial programs or permits.
Summary of Outcomes – January 1 to April 30, 2014
During the reporting period, Trans Mountain continued to provide accurate and timely Project information,
as well as gathering stakeholder feedback through a series of workshops, open houses and meetings with
local government and interested parties, attendance at various community events, presentations/speaking
opportunities and digital engagement efforts. Feedback on the Project has been received through the
comments and questions posted on the Project website’s online engagement portal;
inquiries to the Project phone line and email address;
workshops and open houses;
social media; and
stakeholder meetings.
Feedback received through Trans Mountain’s ongoing engagement activities, that have not previously been
identified and addressed in either Volume 3A of the Application or Consultation Update No. 1 & Errata, is
summarized by Region in Tables 1.6.1-1 through 1.6.5-1.
Key Topics of Interest or Concern - Alberta
Figure 1.6.1-1 displays the new topics of interest or concern in Alberta raised since the filing of the
Application (May 2012 to July 31, 2013), the Consultation Update No. 1 (August 1 to December 31, 2013)
or during this reporting period. This includes all comments from all engagement activities during the
reporting period including, the Workshops and Open Houses, social media, stakeholder meetings, and
inquiries to the Project phone line and email.