Conditions with initial filings due during construction / prior to
commencing operations
Trans Mountain Expansion Project 2016
Marine Public Outreach Program
Trans Mountain must file with the NEB,
at least 3 months prior to commencing operations
a report describing completed activities and observed outcomes of Trans Mountain’s Marine
Public Outreach Program, and any further planned activities for this program. The report must
also include:
a) a summary of Trans Mountain’s consultation with the Pacific Pilotage Authority regarding
the scope of work and activities to be undertaken through the program, including:
the resources and information that Trans Mountain has provided or will provide to
the Pacific Pilotage Authority to addresses the impacts of increased Project-related
tanker traffic in the Salish Sea;
ii) the activities or actions that Trans Mountain will undertake to communicate
applicable information on Project-related vessel timing and scheduling to fishing
industry organizations, commercial and recreational vessel operators, Aboriginal
groups, and other affected , in conjunction with the Pacific Pilotage Authority’s
activities; and
iii) any issues or concerns raised by the Pacific Pilotage Authority and how Trans
Mountain has or will address them;
b) a description of the actions or activities that Trans Mountain has or will undertake to
incorporate into its own public engagement efforts the activities of the Pacific Pilotage
Authority and Transport Canada regarding enhanced safe boating practice education for
small vessel operators;
c) a plan and schedule for all ongoing and future activities and actions under the program,
including anticipated completion dates; and
d) a summary of its consultations with Transport Canada, the Canadian Coast Guard, the
Chamber of Shipping for British Columbia, commercial and tourism associations and
potentially affected Aboriginal groups.
Marine Mammal Protection Program
Trans Mountain must file with the NEB,
at least 3 months prior to commencing operations
a Marine Mammal Protection Program that focuses on effects from the operations of Project-
related marine vessels. The program must include:
a) the goals and objectives of the program, including a discussion on how they align with
the objectives of applicable Fisheries and Oceans marine mammal Recovery Strategies
and Action Plans;
b) a summary of the issues related to marine mammals from Project-related marine
c) a summary of the initiatives that Trans Mountain has supported or undertaken to-
date, including the goals of each initiative and how they relate to the objectives of the
d) a discussion of the outcomes or progress updates of the initiatives identified in c), and
how these outcomes have met or are contributing to the objectives of the program;
e) a discussion of how any
relevant outcomes of the initiatives identified in c) are being or
will be applied to Project-related marine vessels;
a summary of relevant initiatives that have been implemented or proposed from other
national or international relevant jurisdictions to reduce effects from marine shipping on
marine mammals, and an analysis or rationale for why these initiatives will or will not be
incorporated into the program;
g) any other initiatives that Trans Mountain intends to undertake or support in the future
that are relevant to the program; and
h) a description of how Trans Mountain has taken available and applicable Aboriginal
traditional land use and traditional ecological knowledge into consideration in
developing the Program, including demonstration that those Aboriginal persons
and groups that provided Aboriginal traditional land use information and traditional
ecological knowledge, as reported during the OH-001-2014 proceeding and/or pursuant
to Condition 97, had the opportunity to review and comment on the information.